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Welcome to the Culture of Archer

Our critical infrastructure knowledge, experience, and reputation are the foundation for your success.

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Culture of Reliability

We bring decades of combined experience with industrial operational and information technology.

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Culture of Security

Our ability to see beyond just the technology helps your organization achieve its security goals.

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Culture of Resiliency

We specialize in balancing compliance, security and operations within complex organizational structures.

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Culture of Safety

We put safety first and foremost in every engagement based on the requirements and needs of our clients.

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Knowledge Sharing

Watch this video about “Someone’s Playing Games with your Critical Computer Systems” created by the Archer News Network Team. This video gets to the bottom concerns about people playing games with critical infrastructure cyber systems. Literally!


Meet the people helping you with your critical infrastructure needs throughout the world.

Below are the Archer Partners. To see the rest of the team, click here.


Managing Partner

Patrick Miller has dedicated his career to the protection and defense of critical infrastructures as a trusted independent advisor. He is a Managing Partner at Archer Security Group, as well…

Stacy Bresler, CISM, CISA

Managing Partner

Stacy Bresler is a former bank cyber security consultant, former electric utility employee, former Corporate Information Security Officer (PacifiCorp) and served as a NERC Critical Information Protection (CIP) Compliance Auditor….

Steven Parker, CISSP, CISA

Managing Partner

Steven Parker, CISA, CISSP, has been engaged in critical infrastructure protection within the energy sector for more than a decade, including eight years as a senior security staff member at…

Paul Golden

Managing Partner

Paul Golden is a seasoned compliance consultant with over 35 years of experience including 16 years in the electric sector. He has served as the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)…



We have the skills to help you achieve your security and compliance objectives in many different mission critical sectors.

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With over 250 years of combined experience, Archer team members have been involved in security, information technology and operation technology solutions in many different critical infrastructures.

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Finding the path from place A to place B to the faraway Z requires an organization that can maneuver through obstacles set upon the course. That is where Archer comes in. We have the skills to quickly help you achieve a variety of specialized security and compliance objectives. We pride ourselves in demonstrating the practical and delivering the effective. Let us help you navigate your path.

Our experienced professionals are highly qualified to help meet your security, operations and compliance needs no matter what your industry or level of required participation. We can customize security plans for you and, if needed, help you put those plans into action. If you don’t see your industry listed here, contact us for more information.


With our exceptional skills, value-added solutions and trusted advice, we build relationships that last . That’s the Archer difference!