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Qualtrax compliance software reduces the burden that comes with compliance to NERC standards. Reduce your cost of audit preparation, mitigate risks, and create operational efficiencies with Qualtrax.

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Utility System Efficiencies, Inc.

Since 1992 Utility System Efficiencies, Inc. (USE) has been serving a variety of power industry clients and enhancing their internal transmission and system analytical capabilities. USE has worked for all sectors of the electric power industry and has a thorough understanding of the transmission issues and concerns of investor and publicly owned utilities, independent power producers and regulators. USE staff consists of electrical engineers and utility professionals with extensive experience in power systems analysis and related power industry issues.

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Tripwire delivers advanced threat, security and compliance solutions used by over 9,000 organizations, including over 50% of the Fortune 500. Tripwire enables enterprises, service providers and government agencies around the world to detect, prevent and respond to cyber security threats.

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ProtectWise™ is disrupting the security industry with The ProtectWise Grid, its network security platform that captures high fidelity network traffic, creates a lasting memory for the network, and delivers real time and retrospective alerting and analysis in a rich, innovative visualizer. By harnessing the power of the cloud, The ProtectWise Grid provides an integrated solution with complete detection and visibility of enterprise threats and accelerated incident response. The ProtectWise Grid delivers unique advantages over current network security solutions, including an unlimited retention window with full-fidelity forensic capacity, the industry’s only automated smart retrospection, advanced security visualization, and the ease and cost-savings of an on-demand deployment model.

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ConsoleWorks provides a secure, single connection to streamline access and control to any device.  All interactions with the endpoint devices are managed through ConsoleWorks.  ConsoleWorks creates a persistent security perimeter which is always monitoring, auditing, and logging activity down to the keystroke to support NERC CIP and other regulatory, cybersecurity best practices and IT/OT operations.

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SecurityMatters’ flagship product, SilentDefense, enables cyber resilient industrial environments by ensuring the underlying network is healthy and threat-free at all times.

SilentDefense provides instant OT network and process visibility, and reports internal and external cyber threats in a clear and actionable way. As a result, operators can easily identify the source of a threat and take quick responsive action.

Over several years SilentDefense has proven successful in all major industries across our global customer base.

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