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The new Furby (Dis)Connect: customers complain about “glitches”


New owners of the furry robotic toy say they have trouble connecting, updating & more.

Elizabeth has a problem with the latest version of the insanely popular 90’s talking toy.

“Is anyone else absolutely terrified of the new Furbies?” she writes on Furby’s Facebook page. “The old ones were amazing, but these look like they want to eat my soul.”

For a number of customers, however, the new Furbies are causing real-life problems–eating their time and patience as they try, unsuccessfully, to connect and use the pink or teal fuzzy creature designed to chat, move and respond to your touch. 

“My Furby doesn’t connect!!! What should I do?” asked one customer on Amazon’s Furby Connect page.

“The app is buggy unfortunately,” wrote another.

“Furby not only disconnects during gameplay, he shuts off completely,” lamented a third.

“As soon as I put the batteries in, the Furby came on and before I could even ‘connect’ it to the app, it glitches and turns off,” said another customer. “I’m very unhappy I bought this for my 6-year-old’s birthday and she is now in tears…What a mess.”

For the first time, the Furby Connect uses Bluetooth to connect to an app that provides you changing content—songs, music videos, games and more. It’s already been named one of the top 12 hottest Christmas toys for 2016. One of its popular features—not making this up—is making your fluffy robot defecate in a virtual toilet.

But in the last two weeks, more than two dozen reviewers and commenters have listed problems with crashing Furbies, crashing apps, long waits for updates that never happen, and other problems. The “cute”/“creepy” device gets just three out of five stars—in almost every case, the lower scores are a result of tech troubles.

“If I can’t get it to stay on and connected to the app it completely defeats the purpose of the toy,” concluded a frustrated customer.

“He is fun without the iPhone capabilities, but to justify spending $100 on a product and not be able to fully play with it is kind of ridiculous,” agreed another.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.40.05


What is going on?

 Furby maker Hasbro has responded to some of the complaints online.

 A customer named Lorri said on the Furby Facebook page that she loves her Furby, but the app is “glitchy.”

“Lorri, even though Furby always want to have fun, sometimes there are just some things Furby can’t control,” the company posted in reply. “Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care friends. They would be more than glad to help you! Get in touch with them here:”



Archer News checked in with Hasbro to find out what is out of Furby’s control.

“We are constantly working to provide an amazing Furby Connect play experience,” a company representative said in an e-mail.

The statement indicated that the problem is not with the Furby toy, but with the customer’s tech.

“We’ve reached out to our consumers to recommend confirming both their device and their Furby Connect are updated before they play,” the statement said. “To do so, consumers should first check the Amazon App Store, Google Play, or Apple App Store to make sure their device is on the supported device list, and confirm their operating system meets the minimum specifications for the Furby Connect app.”

Hasbro said new Furby owners should take an extra step to prep their fluffy companion’s internal workings before starting to play.

“Then, we recommend consumers ‘hard reset’ their Furby Connect before trying to connect with the app,” the company said. “Once reset, pair Furby with your device to update Furby Connect via Bluetooth (a one-time update that may take some time) – you’ll know the update is complete when Furby re-boots and says to you, ‘CONNECTED!’”


Customer tech may not be completely to blame, some say. Some companies send out products before they are fully ready to launch, and experience hiccups and glitches during roll-out.

That could turn out to be the case here, said Younis Dar, a software engineer with HealthSparq.

“In my opinion it’s probably a combination of ‘cheap’ Bluetooth hardware/design and buggy software,” he said. “Generally, Bluetooth doesn’t have a reliable reputation, add in brittle software and you’re asking for failure.”

“Wouldn’t a large company test its tech before launching a worldwide marketing campaign?” you might ask.

Not always, Dar said.

“The quality of testing is relative to a company’s standards. I’m sure it was QA [quality assurance] ‘tested,’ and met the minimum requirement,” he explained. “But for most companies, R&D [research and development] and testing costs money, which will impact expense and revenue. Anything to get to the market quicker will be favorable to business decision makers.”

Screenshot 2016-07-28 17.10.15

Furby secrets

For now, the reason behind the new Furby’s penchant for disconnection may remain unclear.

But there are some secrets that new owners may want to learn, to keep their chatty friend alert and talking.

Several customers who complained about connection problems said they got relief when they tried this unusual reset technique, apparently suggested by a customer support representative—turn the Furby upside down, push down on its tongue, pull its tail for ten seconds and uninstall/reinstall the app.

Hasbro offers other troubleshooting techniques online.

“Does your Furby Connect seem sleepier than usual? If you haven’t connected to the app yet, please connect for an update. If you’ve already done that, try giving your Furby Connect fresh batteries!” says one tip.

“If Furby Connect has trouble pairing with your device, first make sure the icon in the top left corner of the app is yellow,” another says. “If it isn’t, click the purple icon to connect.”

“Little jerk”

Some customers continue to use their Furbies, despite tech issues.

“The app quits for us when she tries to go to the bathroom, but otherwise it’s fine,” a customer said.

Others contacted customer support for help, or returned their “glitchy” Furbies for new ones. But some customers say they may wait to try again.

“These Furbies seem to have a defect/glitch that Hasbro needs to work on,” said a Furby owner. “Amazon told me that they will start an investigation into this problem.”

“Overall it’s a neat concept, but I hope some improvements are coming,” added another.

It may take some time for once-excited owners to get over the disappointment about their interactive connected Furby, formerly a talkative, automated pal, now a source of frustration.

“Will not complete update,” a cranky owner wrote. “Now it just sits there blinking and I have to listen to the little jerk.”

Editor’s note: The “cranky owner” was able to get his problems resolved with the “tongue-and-tail” reset, according to an update to his post.

35 responses to “The new Furby (Dis)Connect: customers complain about “glitches””

  1. Alexa Bolton says:

    So what happens when these things actually quit working? I bought a pink and a team for both of my daughter’s and after opening them first the pink one stopped working. Then I let my oldest one take hers with her to get father’s house and I get a text message shortly after saying the same thing!!

    • Kerry Tomlinson, Archer News says:

      Oh, no! I am sorry to hear that, Alexa. If you have not already done so, contact Hasbro. I know some people are getting through by posting on the Furby Facebook page. Let us know what happens! We will e-mail you with more info.

  2. Christine says:

    Why?!?! My little girl just got this Furby Connect for Christmas but for some reason it is not downloading to the silly Furby Connect World app!!!!
    I paid 100$ for this Furby and I have 4 devices and none of them work with the Furby. Sould an iPad Pro work with this app and toy?!? We are all frustrated with this toy especially my daughter

    • Kerry Tomlinson, Archer News says:

      Oh, no, Christine! I am sorry you are also having problems with the Furby Connect! As I recommended for Alexa, contact Hasbro for help. It looks like they are replying to people who are posting on their Furby Facebook page. We will also send you an e-mail with more info so we can help you out as much as possible.

  3. sian morgan says:

    hi i bought my boy a furby for christmas and the ammount of time i have had to change the battieries is unbelivable 8 durcell battieries today so far i have spent £15 on battieries alone i have emailed hasbro to see if there is a fault with it as i think it is not fair if i have to put 8 battieries in a day not a happy customer

    • Kerry Tomlinson, Archer News says:

      Thanks for your comment, Sian. I have seen similar complaints from other people who bought the Furby Connect. Have you heard back from Hasbro on this issue? I am very interested in what they have to say about it.

      • Joshua 10 September says:

        my sons is the same have got through so many battieries it just eats them i thought this cant be right

    • Concerned Nanni says:

      My granddaughters is doing exactly the same surely this is safety issue and should be recalled

  4. Julia Gibson says:

    I am trying to connect my children’s Furby to the furby connect app but my son already started playing a game on the app (without connecting a furby) there seems to be no way of ending the game to get it back to the home screen in order to select “connect new furby” I don’t want to delete the app as it took forever to download. What do I do?????

    • Kerry Tomlinson, Archer News says:

      Thanks, Julia. Have you been able to connect the Furby to the app yet, or are you still having trouble?

  5. says:

    I brought a purple Furby Connect for my daughter this Christmas. I worked for a couple of days and, is now completely DEAD. Have obviously changed batteries (even though she has only used it for three days) but, no joy. Very disappointed daughter and frustrated mother.

  6. Derville says:

    I am the same here can’t connect at all to our I pad . This is such a discrace we have Reyes everything and nothing works. Did any one sort there’s out at all have one very upset girl here . ,

  7. Donna says:

    Hi. I downloaded the furby connect world app. It started off ok but as soon as my daughter gets to the cinema section and click on the hand on the cinema screen the app shuts down. I paid a fortune for the toy for my daughter and she is so disappointed that she can no longer use the app with her furby.

  8. Samantha Chance says:

    My Daughters furby went to sleep boxing day evening with his mask and didn’t wake up. pink one too. it wouldn’t connect to the app at all. Paid £79.99 but as i lost the receipt they would only give me £69.99 voucher and no stock of any furbys, which isn’t hepful. so now have no furby. very disappointed

  9. Amanda gomm says:

    Why do I have to put batteries in my furby daily

  10. Heather says:

    My problem is that sometimes it will dance and his lips will move but no sound comes out. This happens on its own and when watching a video in the app. I see he’s talking but nothing comes out. But weirdly it’s not with everything. I don’t get it.

  11. Mandy Naylor says:

    Hello my Furby works great but there is something wrong with the app, every time we go in to hatch the egg that is now ready, the app will close. We have had problems off and on while in the middle of the game it would do this. I know that isn’t not my phone it is a brand new iPhone 7plus and I have so much storage so again this is not the problem. What do we do now?? Please help my son has over 50 Furbys and no we do not want to reset the app. Please help!!!

  12. Avril says:

    This is now the 3rd furby we have had and this as now also stopped working,I am fuming £80.00 and does now work surely hasbro need to recall these and sort out the issues my granddaughter is distraught… ????Any ideas

  13. Lauren Molnoskey says:

    I have the same problem as Mandy. Right now every time we got to hatch a new egg the app closes. We’ve tried hard closing the app, re opening it. I’ve tried resetting the iphone 7 plus (holding the side volume buttoms and the side power button). We have a ton of storage on this phone. I went to check app cache and there is like nothing in there. I don’t want to reset the app because my daughter would lose her 50+ furbies (same as mandy) and I don’t want that to happen at all. We’ve already had to battle through several bouts of tears and disappointment because she can’t hatch her new eggs. Please fix this glitch!!!!

    • Crystal Vicknair says:

      I am having the same problem and tried troubleshooting without any success.

    • Wendy says:

      Same glitch here…my daughter has 52 eggs, full nests, and three eggs in waiting. It freezes every single time, we reboot, restart, shut everything down. We deleted a bunch of apps, still no help.

  14. Crystal Vicknair says:

    The app stops when I touch the egg to make it hatch and also the app stops after a period of playing it for a while. Why is this happening????!!!!

  15. Hi our blue Furby connect has stopped making any sound.. it moves blinks and eyes are working but no sound st all.. I have done all the resets but nothing.. five year old boy stressing!! Help!!

  16. Sally Dwyer says:

    We have no sound on the iPad. Had anyone else had this? Surly the app has sound? Not on mute. Thanks guys ????

  17. Elaine says:

    Hi i Bought my daughter a teal colored furby Connect last Month. We have just put in new batteries and he Sint come back to life. Iv done a reste but sutil no luce.

  18. Courtney says:

    This is still happening. We have a brand new and updated furry connect. We installed the app two days ago and it constantly disconnects.

  19. My daughters furby keeps disconnect from t the furby app, an keeps falling asleep. Like he will sync to it them act sleepy an shut off completely. Waste of money.

    • Kerry Tomlinson, Archer News says:

      Sorry to hear about the problem, Gina. We recommend that you contact the makers of Furby and ask for a refund. Let us know what happens!


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